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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

Dry Ice Blasting Machine

Concrete surface preparation is one of the most critical components in a decorative concrete installation procedure. It is quite obvious that decorative coatings will surely adhere to a better approach. It is being done to clean the surface than one contaminated with oils along with glue, dirt and previous sealers.

Prepping will open the pores– However; prepping will also open the pores of the concrete allowing coatings to penetrate deep into the surface. It is to be noted that proper cleaning and preparation before installation will also prevent inconsistencies of Dry Ice Blasting Machine and flaws in the exact surface coatings over the time frame.

The methods and approaches that can be used– There are several methods and approaches that can be used to prepare a concrete slab for decorating including sandblasting along with diamond grinding. Dry ice blasting is not as widely recognized in the concrete world for its ability to prepare an uneven surface.

How it worksDry Ice Cleaning Machine is pure and solid carbon dioxide will not at all melt. To make it pure carbon dioxide must be converted from gas to liquid. Then as the liquid CO² is exposed to normal temperature, some freezes into the snow and this snow is prepared into small dice ice or blocks. These are now ready and can be used in dry ice blasting machines.

Usage of air compressor– The ice pellets are completely blasted onto a surface at high speed to strip a variety of coatings. As pellets meet the surface, they go through a process called sublimation and transforming it immediately from a solid to the gaseous state and it expands up to 800 times their size.

The expansion of the gas allows the particles to penetrate deep into the surface, while the incredibly cold temperatures freeze and it weakens the grip of the grim on the surface. With such deep filtration, decorative products are able to adhere to better condition and for the concrete surface which increases the durability of the coatings.